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May 6, 2014
Is your pratice one-dimensional?
November 1, 2022

Look at the Analytics Closer

We have arrived, in the world of “analytics” in golf. You might say I know but there have always been “bean counters”, in the business world. What is new? No, analytics is now in golf. Before you make a shot, check your analytics. Really it is just a wedge? Analytics can show you have a 58% chance of making a birdie if you go for the green and because of those odds you need to go for the green.  Did they tell you if you go for the green and miss you have a 40% chance of making a double? Maybe! Who knows what to think now?

The analytics are good and can help in many ways. I would be in the camp keeping stats way back in my early years playing golf. After the round, we work to figure out our stats. The good players had a good understanding of their stats, and they then would make the appropriate decision on what club to pull.

Like all things in life, things, ideas, and concepts will circle back around and take on a little different nuance but it is still the same basic concept just presented in a different way. Golf has many of those old ideas of concepts coming to resurface again. In this case, as in many, it can be a good thing.

So how do I look at the numbers closer? Closer is understanding how the numbers relate to your golf game. For example, you can hit a 3 wood 250 yds with less than 50% of accuracy, and 33% of getting a full distance of 90% percent of the distance. The landing area is short of the green 40 yds out of the green surrounded by bunkers or heavy rough.

The numbers now take on a new meaning, your wedge play chipping is not strong so missing your target will jeopardize the opportunity to make birdie and possibly miss makeing par and possibly bring in the double bogie. So yes, I made up the numbers to prove my point, but you can see how things can get away from you on the course.

Keep in mind the Analytics for Weekend Worrier vs Justin Thomas are very different. If missed the green in a greenside bunker, or over the back, he has the short game to save himself, and if he doubles the hole golf for Bid, he can right the ship. If you double the hole, we don’t want to put you on suicide watch.

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