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May 5, 2014
Look at the Analytics Closer
October 9, 2022

Excuse me Mind, Get Out of the Way

I’m Fred Couples and I’m not done yet until I shoot 60

Fred turned back time with a tournament and course record 60 on Sunday’s SAS Championship and tournament win on Sunday. It was an incredible day of play, the last day.

It is amazing to see a player of this nature or if you are lucky to experience the feeling of getting in the zone. There can be no comparison. It is the feeling of serenity; nothing can go wrong.  It is not talked about as much as it used to be, “getting in the zone”. Nowadays it is not talked about as much, maybe now they have come up with a new term for the zone. Whatever, we used to just say the golfer has it on cruise control, auto pilot. It is the golfer, or what the endeavor is participating in they are not thinking. They are just letting the left brain take control. The right side of the brain is kept in check just enough to take in the analytics of the situation and then kept at bay while the left side just operates in cruise mode.

Keep in mind that after the round Fred did not pay tribute to a team of coaches, experts, trainers, and psychologist on his “performance team”. It was just a simple day at the office, and this is what he was meant to do that day. Without a doubt Fred is a true talent and walks to a different beat and to duplicate what he does on the golf course is not an easy feat. He has been this way since Junior golf in the Northwest as witnessed by one of my college teammates back in junior golf. Who at that time lost to him in the PNWGA on Fred’s way to the win. How he played in those days is no different than how he still plays today. Hit the ball, go find it and hit it again.

Can we do it like Fred? Probably not but we can do it in our own way. As I see all the instructions that are fed to us in numerous ways via YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and so on. It is important to remember in golf it is the ability to quiet the mind and let your body respond to the images that the mind has created. We can hit great golf shots and achieve great performances in our own environment. The mind creates the imaginary that sets the stage for our body to perform in unbelievable ways. Get out of the way and just let the left brain shift into cruise control. To quote the famous words of Ty Webb in the movie Caddyshack “Be the Ball”.

Congratulations on Fred’s amazing round. Congratulations on letting your mind and body do what it has been doing for 50 years. Play the game you’ve been playing for years. The score will take care of itself.

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