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About By Gregg Downey
Gregg Downey turned professional in 1986 after a successful collegiate career. He joined the Portland State Viking Golf Team in 1981, named team captain and achieved NCAA All-American status in 85’ & 86”. As a winner of four collegiate tournaments and the 1986 Portland City Amateur Championship he became recognized as one of the Northwest's top Amateur golfers. 

After turning professional in 1986 he continued his play on various mini-tours home and abroad. In 1990 he turned his focus to teaching and learning more about the golf swing and how to communicate his understanding of the swing to his students.

​Gregg Downey provides his students with an understanding of the basic swing fundamentals and how the fundamentals affect their golf swing. Cause & Effect Golf identifies key fundamentals that contribute to building a better golf swing. Golfers of all skill levels have swing faults, tendencies that may be detrimental to their golf games progress. Once proper identification is made of the tendencies the student can then learn techniques to minimize the severity or frequency of the tendency to occur. Less frequency results in better golf shots. It is a straight forward approach; go to the source that begins the process of building. It is Downey’s 26 years of teaching and playing experience that helps him to take a simple straight forward approach to repairing a golf swing.

The second of part Downey’s success as an instructor is his study of the inner game of golf. Inner game techniques are a critical part of a golfer’s progress. From learning a new golf move to playing competitive golf it is important the player be given the proper mental tools to help overcome the obstacles that students face when striving for great success.  

It is the goal of Gregg Downey and Cause & Effect Golf to make golf an enjoyable learning experience for all who play. There is no greater satisfaction to a golf instructor than to hear the jubilation of a student as they experience success with their golf game. Gregg offers private golf instruction in the Scottsdale/ Phoenix, AZ area. He is available my appointment and looks forward to working with golf students of all levels. 

Do you know a player that has a not so pretty golf swing but shoots the number he needs to win his weekly men’s club event each week? Did that person figure out the golf swing? Probably not but he did figure out what works for him. To play better golf is not so much about producing a perfect golf swing or making all your putts but rather it is properly identifying what works best for you. KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) is truly the most accurate acronym in golf. Better golf is played when the mind is quiet and focused on shot execution rather than mechanics. The secret is how to get to the point of your golf game without throwing your clubs in the lake along the way. 

At Cause & Effect Golf we understand the golf swing. The relationship of all moving parts in the golf swing is our premise. For every action there is a reaction. To improve a golfer's game the instructor must first identify the action in the swing that is the starting point to begin the journey to better golf. Identifying that starting point is key for an individual’s success. As for how the golfer reacts to the swing change is an important variable in swing improvements. We do know from past experiences that progress can be made if the best starting point is identified. No question picking the correct battle during a swing change can be the mystery question. With our trained eye and years of experience we know where to begin the process. 

During a swing change the golfers mind can become filled with too many thoughts in a hurry. See our video on the White Board of a Golfer’s Mind” for an illustration as to what enters a golfer’s minds when playing or practicing their golf. In our example of a golfer with an unorthodox swing the golfer has become effective because he knows where to return to, he has established a benchmark, an anchor that he has kept him grounded and at peace with his wing. He is accepting of his swing and will only take what is given to him. Cause & Effect Golf does not overload or confuse rather we identify and provide assistant for what is most important to each golfer’s swing. The Cause & Effect Golf assessment form helps to identify where to start and how to proceed. We grade the golfer on a scale that allows us to properly diagnose the student and begin the lesson at the proper place. We educate the golfer why this starting point matters to them and how working on this point (action) will begin to transform their swing.

Once we have properly identified a starting point we then provide the student a road map to their journey. The 'Power of Now” could not be any more accurate. The only way to change today, tomorrow or next week’s outcome is to focus on what is in front of you presently. If you want to make nine straight pars you better focus on the 1st hole to start. Golf shots and golf swings can be made complicated or not. If a student knows where to begin the journey and is confident in the guide there is a far greater chance of success. Small steps will have the greatest impact on a golfer’s game. Enjoy the scenery along the way. 

What is Cause & Effect Golf

​I have worked off and on with Gregg Downey for 5 years.  His knowledge of golf and ability to impart that knowledge to students is exceptional.  He has helped me in many areas of my personnel golf game and I have personally observed improvements in the students I have seen him teach.  I teach professionally and Gregg has helped me with my career and teaching techniques. 
Don Borrmann 
USGTF Golf Instructor

Gregg has taken me from a mid 90’s golfer to shooting in the 70’s.  
Brad Townsend
Chandler, AZ

Gregg Downey is on e of the finest players I’ve coached, a true student of the golf swing and he understands what it takes “to get the ball in the hole” Harold Bluestein
PGA Professional
Vancouver, WA

I have observed Gregg when he directed after school golf programs for young children. My believe is that Gregg has the passion, integrity , skills and knowledge , organization , as well as high people skills to instruct players of all levels to reach their desired goal.  
JoAnne Augh 
Master Educator, 
Mentor Teacher SUSD of California

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