At Cause & Effect Golf we realize that there are many ways to learn and advance your golf game. We don’t claim to have the latest and greatest. We offer proven and tried ways and explain to you what is working in the past and if there is a trend that is working well at this time we will bring the attention it needs. We have various ways to learn the swing. If here in the Phoenix area Gregg Downey teaches at a local course and would love to help you with your game.

For golfers we offer many ways to get stay up to date with Cause & Effect Golf instruction.

Cause & Effect Golf website: Free to use and videos and blogs available 24/7 for you to check out the latest in the world of Golf

Video Stream: Just when thought you had enough of Gregg Downey, he is now available on a live stream 2 times a month. On the first and third Mondays of every month first a simple monthly or annual subscription fee.

Cause & Effect Golf is on YouTube! See the latest videos on our YouTube Cause & Effect Golf channel and watch over and over to get that swing right. Just make sure to like or subscribe!

Thanks to all of you awesome golfers and keep the journey going.