To hit a golf ball, and hope to the ball the golfer’s maximum distance while maintaining control of the ball the golfer must elicit their effort in a concise focused manner. That is the true essence of the game when hitting a ball. It is like juggling plates. There are many components to make up a golf swing unfortunately often conditioning, flexibility and diets are last on the list. Often this aspect of golf is often discounted to be only necessary for the tour player. Wrong. It is more important to you and the good news. It is easy to achieve success and do not ever have to get a coach.

Cause & Effect Golf would like to help our students. We have provided some exercises and drills that are basic but to help the overall improvement of your game.

Shoulder Flexibility

Explode in the Golf Ball


Build a Good Foundation for Golf Swing: Rock the Baby to achieve a stable lower half

Achieve a good spine tilt with these exercises

Hip flexor Stretch

Take care of your muscles

Don’t forget about pressure points in your grip