Cause & Effect Golf would like to help our students. We have provided some exercises and drills that are basic but to help the overall improvement for your game.

To hit a golf ball, and hope to maximise the golfer’s distance while maintaining control the golfer must focus their effort in a concise contolled manner. That is the true essence of the game when hitting a ball. There are many components to make up a golf swing unfortunately often conditioning, flexibility and diets are last on the list. Often this aspect of the golf is often discounted to be only necessary for the tour player. Wrong. It is more important to you to all that wnat to play better golf.

Do you want to improve your golf game? If so, you are in the right place.

Janis Thornton is a certified online personal trainer with JT Fitness and Golf, LLC. Janis has played golf for over 18 years and has a huge passion for golf and fitness. Her workouts are designed with the golfer in mind. Improve your balance, strength, and flexibility through her program and now you will be able to hit the ball farther and more consistent.
Janis provides workouts to be conveniently done at home or at a gym with minimal equipment. Check out her website at Get yourself scheduled on her calendar to see if you are a great fit for her 90-Day Golf Fitness Program. Click here to get scheduled. Just let Janis know, Gregg Downey sent you!

Janis Thornton