[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Cause & Effect Golf offers to its subscribers many golf videos for full view designed to help golfers understand the many different and complex aspects of the game. We offer “How to Golf Videos” from golf strategies, golf tips, practice drills & techniques, swing philosophies, short game tips and the fundamentals of swinging a golf club. These videos will most likely go over 3 minutes to provide the golfer a complete understanding of the subject matter. Our philosophy in golf is to discuss the problem and the fix it, rather than turn out videos just to get traffic. Golf tips and advice most likely are more than a 3-minute video or 750 words in a golf digest magazine.

To have full access to these videos please complete the registration and you will be a part of the Cause & Effect Golf club for better golf. The subscription does not cost the golfer and we promise to not send you a barrage of videos. We are busy too……hopefully playing golf!