The Use of Video in Golf Lessons

The use of video in golf instruction over the years has become a standard part of golf instruction. It is a valuable tool to help the instructor and student understand the student’s golf swing. It helps the student to see, identify and validate all the necessary and unnecessary moving parts of their actual golf swing. Unfortunately, video golf instruction can be overused leading to over analysis that can hamper a student’s progress with swing changes. It is important an instructor use the video as feedback to the student to aid in the learning process. Too often instructor student gets sidetracked with video analysis and forgets the importance of feel and thought in a student’s mind. Proper feel and thought are one of the most important aspects of moving the student towards proper swing changes.

It is important a student learn to feel the changes within their mind and body and how it relates to the golf swing. Video helps to validate key club and body positions aided with proper analysis to focus on for improvement. With Cause & Effect Golf Instruction we take video early in the lesson to help capture a student’s status or starting point. With proper diagnosis, instruction, position identification, drills and exercises both mental and physical we can see a student’s results through the validation of video, ball flight and shot results. Video golf instruction plays an appropriate part of the improvement and we try to utilize its role effectively.

Like so many elements of the game of golf it is never one perfect answer to the question of how to play great golf. Good golf is the understanding that golf is so large and encompassing from mental to physical and technical to feel. With Cause & Effect Golf we strive to help golfers to be a complete golfer and video instruction is only a part of the puzzle.