Short Irons

Welcome to the Short Irons section, dedicated to scoring clubs tailored for crisp iron shots. These clubs typically include the Pitching Wedge through 8 Iron and possible your 7 iron. It’s worth noting that modern players, particularly younger ones, may achieve impressive distances with 9 irons, ranging from 170 to 185 yards. Understanding the player’s age and strength is essential in evaluating these distances.

When using short irons, it’s crucial to consider stance width. A wider stance than shoulder-width can compromise balance and control. The width of your stance directly influences the length of your backswing, thus affecting shot distance. For instance, narrowing your stance slightly with an 8 iron facilitates a smaller, controlled 3-quarter shot. This adjustment reduces the swing’s length and speed, resulting in shorter distances while maintaining accuracy. What you will find is there are many ways to use these clubs and don’t be afraid to understand the times of shots you can play when they are in your hands.

Short irons excel as scoring clubs due to their precision rather than their length. Focus on accuracy over distance when using these clubs, as they are essential for shaving strokes off your game, and you can also pull another club if you really need the distance.